Why 4:00?


When I introduce Ring4Peace to people one question often comes up- “Why 4:00?” Frequently the question is followed by a suggestion for a different time.

In my discernment about ringing bells for peace around the world I considered many possibilities. The internal peace I felt when I heard the bell on June 29, 2013 was a peace that I knew every human heart would understand. I was universally confident in the alluring sound of a community bell. Therefore, I hoped to pick a time of day that wasn’t significant to any one particular people or custom.

Peace is something every human heart longs to experience. A peaceful heart is a fragile gift. It is easily damaged by sorrow, disappointment, fear, anger and confusion. These emotions can attack at any time. Days, months and years can pass before a heart is healed from such adversity.

My heart’s healing bell wasn’t heard at the top of the hour. Nor was the bell ringing for a church service or community function. It just rang unexpectedly. I go back often in hopes of hearing the bell ring. It doesn’t have a scheduled ring time that I can count on. Somehow that bell knows that any time is a good time for peace.

Today I heard the pealing of the bell at 5:42pm. I snapped a picture of that moment of peace for you. I am grateful that I get to hear that bell ring. But many hearts are waiting for peace; a peace that I hope to share every day, everywhere for every one.

Ring4Peace happens at 4:00pm because all hearts matter. Any time is a good time for peace; but it is nice to know when and where it can be found.

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