Kiss The Sky

© Rita Crane

On a clear crisp November morning I witnessed a most beautiful sight. Low clouds veiled the neighboring hillside. Their silky, gray, vaporous folds softened the rugged pasture and windswept crags. Golden light was just reaching the chimney tops. The horizon stretched beyond its natural reach. Beauty prevailed all around in the clear blue sky.


I struggled to capture the moment on my phone’s camera; but there was too much light, beauty and promise to fit into a 12M-pixel moment. Finally I just continued my walk. There was no way my joy could be digitally captured.


As I rounded the corner I could see another walker enjoying the morning. He too had stopped to admire the day. He was capturing all the joy and beauty in his wide-angle, uplifted hands. Turning in all four directions he raised his hands in praise. At times during his panoramic delight his focus would narrow into shuddering prayer hands. He then clasped his hands to his lips and raised them high to kiss the sky. That is the picture I will carry with me.

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