How Do You Spell Peace?


At tonight’s Christmas party we played a game. Each player was told to spell out ‘C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S’ down the side of a piece of paper. We then had one minute to write as many Christmas related words that began with the individual letters we just wrote. I easily jotted down seventeen words.

After the party, in the quiet late hours of the night, I wondered what I would have written down if the game had been ‘P-E-A-C-E’. Answers didn’t rush into my head as quickly. There are so many images of Christmas captured in story, song and tradition. Peace doesn’t have the same foothold in our culture. Sad and ashamed that the ‘P-E-A-C-E’ game was so challenging I decided to imagine answers that resonated with RING4PEACE:


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was peace on our planet? I wondered what stories of peace would be told as the bells rang out, hour after hour, all around the world.


I hope everyone, everywhere, every day can know a moment of peace. That might help us sing out more often.


What would be different if we knew a moment of peace everyday? Recently I heard a quote by Albert Einstein, “Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”


For centuries bells have brought communities together for all kinds of reasons.


Peace exists in the hopes and dreams of every human being. If peace exists, then peace is possible- RING4PEACE.

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