Got Any Time For Peace?



A busy man saves times by shopping with a large Internet retailer. He orders a rock hammer dreaming of his next day off exploring for gems. The shipment arrives feeling curiously lightweight. He received two egg-frying rings. Two emails, several weeks and four phone calls later he finally gets a sales credit so the right item can be sent. But, now the vendor no longer sells rock hammers.

Her car needs repair. The accommodations and appointments are set. The right part is ordered and the wrong part arrives in the right box. The busy mechanic shop and the car owner readjust their schedules.

A wonderful gift from a friend is received in the mail. Two weeks later, the on-line vendor mysteriously sends an unordered duplicate gift.

In a hurry and hungry she stops for a quick breakfast sandwich ordered with no cheese. Driving off she sees melted cheese stuck to the wrapper. A glance at her receipt shows the order was correct but she is late and just decides to go. Biting into the sandwich she discovers there is no meat. Frustrated, she returns to the restaurant. There are two other customers waiting for their order to be corrected.

The dryer is broke and laundry is stacking up. The store sale item is not in stock but can be delivered in a few days. The busy mother adjusts her work schedule to accommodate the 4-hour window delivery time that can only be revealed by an automated message the day before a scheduled delivery. Setting a schedule with a real person requires a separate call to another number. The dryer arrives damaged. Someone will call her in 48 hours to confirm that she rejected delivery of the damaged dryer. The caller will schedule another unknown, automated shipping time with the busy mom.

Ring4Peace happens every day because everywhere someone’s limit is tested.

Bells ring outside, in public so people can feel a moment of peace as they move amidst the day-to-day structures that test their serenity.


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