“The Bottle Let Me Down”


Sometimes the relief we seek from pain doesn’t work. We have our trusted ways to stop the nagging chatter of sorrow, anger, fear or betrayal. Our methods vary widely: a breath of fresh air, a time-out, alcohol, drugs, calling a friend, prayer, affirmations, a punching bag or the smell of roses. Whatever is ailing us becomes more painful when our trusted remedy doesn’t work like we expect. We have lost control.


So what can be done? Where does peace come from when we can’t coax it with our actions? We know peace exists. We’ve experienced it in our life- some more than others. Maybe the source of our internal peace is bigger than our solution. Maybe we need another way to restore our sanity- a way that doesn’t rely on our self-control.


A video of Merle Haggard singing “The Bottle Let Me Down” reminded me of a time when my effort to control peace didn’t work. On one such day I heard the ring of a community bell. It caused me to pause. Its wave of sound brought a deep, unexpected moment of peace.


There is a peace that surpasses all understanding; a peace that seems to elude our control. The Ring4Peace bells serve as a reminder that peace is possible when we have exhausted our efforts.


Rest In Peace Merle. https://youtu.be/HrTPj_oMKyk

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