Who What Where When


IMG_5926The saga of Dr. Who has been a part of my life for over 35 years. The iconic time lord has traveled through BBC television for far longer than I can recall.

Tonight science fiction has come true; through space travel, a transmitted signal allowed me to see a three-year-old image of Dr. Who. Tomorrow night I can repeat the connection. At any time, any one of us can go back to the beginning- to 1963 – and experience what the TV producers wanted to share with the world.

A teacher once gave me an assignment- to write down something I had always wanted others to know. The result was the beginning of my saga to share with the world. I wrote of a time long ago- before 1963- when I first recalled a moment of peace. It was a peace that didn’t seem of this world and yet it can be experienced by anyone, anywhere, every day.

One day my heart stood still,

And all the world was quiet.

The chatter of doubt ceased,

And a hush of wonder settled on the land.

In this eternal, moment –

   Peace prevailed,

           The earth delighted,

                 And doubt was redeemed from the bonds of mystery.

The world existed in perfection,

The day my heart stood still.

On that perfect, peaceful day I was young. Like Dr. Who, my life story has evolved and transformed many times over the years. This season of my life I bring forth Ring4Peace. Everyday, everywhere for everyone a bell rings at 4p.m., providing time and space in our lives for a moment of peace.

(Join me in space at http://www.ring4peace.org)

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