A Peace Which Surpasses All Understanding

11_03_2010 144


In order to help me get ready for the first bell to be officially dedicated to Ring4Peace I have begun to blog routinely. My heart knows the fullness of my vision to have a bell in every time-zone ring at four o’clock. It is my voice that falls empty of the right thing to say sometimes.

When I discovered today’s daily word was ‘orderly’ I cringed. The natural association of peace and order did not settle with me even though the dictionary defines peace as:

1) Freedom from disturbance

2) Freedom from civil disorder

Technically, I agree with Webster. So, why did I feel so adverse to blogging the obvious?

Maybe, it’s because I don’t see a world free of disturbance or behaving very orderly. I see and hear turmoil all around me every day and yet I can recall a moment of peace. The bell I heard, which later inspired Ring4Peace, did not take away my problem that day or the impending consequences. It did provide a peace which surpasses all understanding! A peace that lingers in my heart today.

When the unexpected bell stopped ringing I was at peace with the task ahead of me. I was confident in my ability to move forward and cope with the problem. But there was no orderly solution; I was not free of the upset. My heart was at peace in the midst of uncertainty and regret; and that did not make sense to me.

Ring4Peace has the potential to address the need for orderly civil action so that the world can live together more peaceably. It also carries unexpected relief, a peace that may not make sense. The world needs both.

Every day there are peacekeepers, peace officers, peace activists, peace ambassadors and peace workers toiling to free the world from war, violence, oppression, poverty and sorrow. And every day so many people need more than what the world is providing. It is my great desire, my prayer, that Ring4Peace reaches those troubled hearts of the world.

Each Ring4Peace bell carries the heart-felt intent and action of its supporter.

Whether two hearts meet in an act of peace or a single heart receives the peace of God that can’t be explained- peace is achieved. Then peace can spread, jumping wildly, from time-zone to time-zone through hearts that all share and remember a moment of peace. http://www.Ring4Peace.org

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