Let Go

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Two words- “Let Go” – have given me much relief but much more consternation. The advice to “Let Go” usually comes in the midst of fear or anxiety. It comes at a time when my ego is desperately trying to protect me from some perceived threat. In that moment the simple act of letting go does not compute with the gravity of my situation.

And yet, the day I first heard the inspiring Ring4Peace bell the simple task of letting go was achieved. It happened without me acting on my own. It happened without me mulling over the thoughts of “What does it mean to let go? What will happen next?” The bell simply created a break in my loop of worry. It caused me to pause. It created a moment of peace. It gave me just enough time to see some of my options if I could just let go. In that letting go moment there was hope and assuredness that the situation would be resolved.

It has been demonstrated to me that I am not so unique when it comes to feeling desperate in the face of difficulty. Regardless of age and wisdom, all humankind shares the sensations of fear and peace.

Ring4Peace exists to ease the process of letting go:

Every day. Everywhere. For Everyone. Around the world.

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