Peace Time

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The world can’t agree on how to tell time; so it’s not a wonder that we are challenged to agree on world peace.

When I dreamed of Ring4Peace, the vision of 24 bells- one in each time zone- seemed orderly and simple. I imagined a linear circumference, rippling tones of peace around the world. Well ‘rippling’ seems to be the only truth to my vision of peace.

It turns out time is not agreed upon by governments, business or people. There is a world standard for time, UTC, based on the earth’s 24-hour rotation. But that is where ‘linear circumference’ ends. The boundaries of time are frequently manipulated. The website lists 38 time zones. Lines of time are redrawn, extended, negotiated and dictated for reasons of economy, governance and convenience.

Boundaries of peace seem to be challenged routinely as well. So Ring4Peace is counting on the rippling effect to spread peace around the world. A Ring4Peace bell sends a wave of sound out to its community. It marks a time when peace can be recollected. It is conveniently there every day at 4:00, despite changes and upheaval created by outside sources. Its resonance of peace moves through personal lives. Beyond the boundaries of the bell, an individual’s internal peace ripples out into the lives of others. Peace spreads moment-to-moment, person-to-person around the world.

Achieving universal peace and a synchronized world clock seems to be complicated. Ring4Peace uses the time we have to reset our internal peace and reach around the globe to create a better world.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 12.55.59 PM4:00 | Every Day | Everywhere | For Everyone | Around the World


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