What Can You Do?


All my life I have seen the world differently. And, all my life I have yearned to share the joy I have received from these perceptions. My experiences have been powerful enough to linger in my mind and heart; yet, I struggle to live a complete life of goodness even though I know better.

My yearning to share what I have witnessed comes out best in my work- I like to be of service. In one of my advertisements for service I shared:

“The philosophy of Look inside and…. LIVE MORE© serves as a reminder of what is possible in life. As a child I saw the world differently. I saw serenity, abundant joy and felt internal peace; the world shined, and it was there for everyone to enjoy. This most spectacular, limitless vision of life was before me and I wondered why no one else spoke of it. It was so close, just ‘a turn to the left’ headed toward joy and endless possibilities. Down the road to the right was doubt, fear and peer pressure.  Time, memories and miles of roadway passed, though standing there at the edge of Water Street never faded.”

That website advertisement has faded into the ether, trapped in a defunct URL. I attempted to paint that radiant day, and it too falls short of the “internal peace” that I’d hope to convey. My attempts with word and picture have fallen short of my yearning.

So, the world opened up to me in a new way! It came through sound and silence. It came with a bell and a quiet moment of peace amidst a troubling time. It brought me to Ring4Peace.

Our world is beautiful despite our shortcomings and inconsistencies. It reminds us everyday of beauty, peace and goodness. Their signs are everywhere; if not right in front of us at every moment then they linger in our hearts for renewal.

The Ring4Peace, 4:00pm bell is a reminder that peace lingers all around us. Everyday, everywhere, everyone can experience peace even if just for a moment.  I know a moment of peace can linger for a lifetime and change the world.

Have you yearned to share your peace with the world and don’t know how? Is there a community bell near you? Share the message of Ring4Peace with them and your yearning for peace will be heard.

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