The Sound of Peace

woman holding rope with bell near body of water
Photo by Satoshi Hirayama on

Recently I moved from the city to the country. The sounds in my living environment dramatically changed. Previously, I could hear freeway traffic 24 hours a day. There were always emergency sirens. A walk in the neighborhood included the sound of air conditioners, dryers, conversations from casual to agitated, televisions, stereos, playful children, electric scooters, drones, things opening and closing, parties, barking dogs, airplanes, etcetera. My favorite day to walk was on holidays; because people’s routines changed. The freeway and regular day-to-day noises were noticeably quieter. Compared to the other days, it was so peaceful; the sound of birds and wind became the sound of peace.

Our new home is not void of community sounds; but I don’t hear sirens or freeway traffic. Car noises are now so distinguishable that I can tell if a strange car is heading up the driveway. Air traffic is minimal. It is peaceful. Except, for the new annoying chatter of raucous Myna birds; and, the nightly yelling call of the local deer. Those deer calls will wake you up!  Nature, once the sound of peace in our old home, is now an aggravation.

So, what is the sound of peace? The sound of peace is that which seems to cause me to pause and recognize that there is something different, something outside of the day-to-day annoyances. Something that is present which can refresh my thoughts, feelings and spirit. Peace is around us; we just need a reminder. It could be as simple as a different sound.

Ring4Peace is that simple sound that I heard in my old neighborhood. A bell rang, on June 29, 2013, interrupting the calamity in my head; my thoughts paused, for just a moment, from all the raucous chatter of anger. The momentary pause inspired by the ringing bell was enough to change my day. I still had a problem; but it no longer screamed at me. I could hear thoughts of possible solutions.

The sound of peace causes us to pause and notice other things around us.

Ring4Peace- creating a moment to pause.

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