Happy Anniversary!

Stuck for words as I sit to write about a major event in my history – the inception of Ring4Peace, June 29, 2013. It is amazing how the day sticks so clearly in my mind; I am not known for having a keen memory. I have always said, “As I grow older, I won’t be worried about losing my memory because I didn’t have one to lose.” My writing block leads me to searching the ultimate bearer of memories, the internet. The news stories of that day registered some familiarity. They also harshly illuminated the need for peace in the world. I wanted a more positive article; so, I turned to a new search https://www.seattletimes.com/news/photos-of-the-day-june-29-2013/

The bygone images from the Seattle Times hold memories of: hope, celebration, sportsmanship, unrest, world leaders and more. It was gratifying to see the internet also suffered lapses of memory retrieval; there are photo memories “not currently available” in the article. To preserve my historical event, I keep an image of the place I nicknamed “Bell Hill” after that Saturday moment in 2013. My photo is not from June 29, but I have no trouble remembering how a brief moment changed my future.


The words that finally come to mind to celebrate Ring4Peace I borrow from a recent CPR training class- “keep it simple”. The trainers wanted to instill that every moment matters when someone collapses in front of us. Our task is simple: get help and get blood moving to the brain. Every moment that the brain does not receive blood flow causes brain damage. A moment can make a difference in the quality of that person’s life. That is just the way it was five years ago.

I was fraught with a state of mind from which all my professional experience couldn’t rescue me. The day dragged on and I was suffering more each hour. Mother Nature, friends, meditation, right action and positive thinking were all failed attempts at rescue. Exhausted by the circumstance at the end of the day I made one more rescue attempt; I went for a neighborhood walk, that on any other day was soothing. It too failed to revive my spirit. Then it happened; a bell rang. A bell that had never been there before rescued my troubled mind. It only took a moment! Clarity flooded my thoughts as I paused to listen to the bell ring. When the bell stopped, I still had a problem; but I would live peacefully that night.

Erica, my CPR trainer, encouraged us to stop and “be a hero” because most people will pass by or just gawk at the needy. She knew the simple act of providing CPR could make a difference. An unhealthy life supported by a nourishing influx held great potential for recovery. A Ring4Peace bell nourishes our needy world with a sustained time to pause and catch a breath; a pause that could change the course of a life.

Today I celebrate that clarifying, simple moment of peace that changed my life. I am sure that an influx of peaceful moments would surely make a difference in the world. I imagine a cache of peaceful internet images archived in future news stories.

How many times do people around you fall into a state of mind that would benefit from a moment of peace?

Keep it simple, be a hero, stop and ask for help – is there a Ring4Peace bell in your community? I can help.

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