That Rings A Bell

brown cow

When someone exclaims, “That rings a bell”, a name or an event just sparked a memory. A complete recall isn’t yet available; but their memory is triggered. Once the search is on, their mind will be activated in a new direction.  The full memory may not surface right away; sometimes it will take hours or days. When the memory fully resounds itself, there is a feeling of release. A big, “Oh yeah, now I remember!”

Bells have helped us search for lost things and cue memories for eons. We find our cats and cows with bells. Bells announce a visitor. Bells call people to worship, school and to eat. Since the 3rd millennium BC we have marked time, places and intentions with bells. We rely on bells to jog our memory.

Ring4Peace is here to jog the brain to pause and recollect. Maybe it will stimulate a memory of peace immediately, maybe not. But, it will be there ringing, ready and waiting to conjure up a moment of peace. A peace that will create a soothing sigh of remembrance.

Peace has existed long before the first bell but some days we forget. We get caught up in all the chaos of life. We forget how to pay attention to peace. We forget to relax. We forget we know a better way to behave. We forget about the needs of others. We forget what we have learned.

We forget until the 4:00 Ring4Peace, then “that rings a bell”.

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