Kiss The Ground I Walk On


This is a repost. I delight in reviewing it when September rolls around.


Richmond has a reputation and in some places it is good to be mindful of what is happening as you pass through town. While stopped at the intersection of a busy street I had time to keep my eye on a young man carrying a pack slung diagonal across his back. He was on the sidewalk heading my way with a well paced, lively, youthful stride; without hesitation in his stride he squats down, places his hands on the ground and kicks his legs back like he is going to do a push-up. He then lowers his face and kisses the ground, reverses his squat, stands back up and continues walking on his way. Unusual? Yes, but what if it truly was an act of overwhelming gratitude? Then the odd act is a bold, brave, heartfelt, honest appreciation for the gift of life; a compelling action of love.

I am in awe of being witness to the power of his love- love that surpasses all understanding. A force that disregards judgment and carries the potential to change the way the world behaves. I pray for such a complete and untempered expression of love to overtake the world and me. Remembering a world with and without enough love, today 9/11.

©Rita Crane September 11, 2012

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